Josh Linkner: 24-hour clock can be brutal foe is a short article on how to "use these 3 lists to make the most of the clock: MORE, LESS, STOP".

The premise of the article is strong. "It's easy to fill the hours, feeling busy and anxious, only to look back at a stunningly puny amount of productivity" and you owe it to yourself to answer the question "Where are your efforts spent that deliver the highest value? These are the areas that will lead to your biggest goals, drive the most progress and [allow you to] contribute at your highest capacity."

We're all searching for a way to manage our time more effectively and it's worth it to take a moment to examine how you spend your time.

But when it comes to the "lists to make the most of the clock", I have a different recommendation:

Instead of:

  1. MORE
  2. LESS
  3. STOP
You should use:
  1. MORE

Focus and refocus on the positive and worthwhile ways you spend your time. Spend more time enjoying things you do. Don't worry about the LESS and STOP lists. You'll automatically stop doing the things on your LESS and STOP lists as you regularly practice doing things you truly enjoy - things you know you should be doing MORE.

He's right about one thing: "... only YOU can take control of your most precious and non-replenishing asset: time." So don't waste your time thinking about things you shouldn't be doing, figure out what you want to do MORE of.