Going Paperless

Going paperless reduces the amount of physical stuff in your life. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than having "too much stuff", be it clothes, papers, trinkets, or pounds on my body, haha. The good news is that paper is an easy thing to get rid of as long as we have a copy of it. I'll share how I do things and you can try it if you think it might work for you.

First I got a scanner: I use the Brother DS 620 and recommend it. It's simple, portable, and it just works. It's a very simple solution.

Next I created a folder on your computer somewhere for your scans. Like "C:\Scans" or in my case I have a folder called "C:\Origin\Scans" and everything important to me goes in "C:\Origin", so my scans will go there. Then I set up my scanner to automatically put new scans in that scan folder.

Now when I get a new bill or important document, I scan it, file the scan in a folder and throw the physical paper away. It's pretty simple, but it works well!

Something that you must remember is that implementing a robust data backup strategy is a requirement if you're going paperless. It's not a nice-to-have, it's a MUST have. If you're not going to set up your data backup to run regularly and reliably, don't go paperless. I use KeepVault, bvckup 2, and SpiderOak to automatically backup my data to 2 different external hard drives and 2 different online backup providers.

Cheers and happy hacking,