2018-10-22 - Mike Emilio and Modo - Kanjiklub 2017 Lyrics

This is the lyrical transcription of the song "Kanjiklub 2017" by Mike Emilio & Modo.

Here is the song on YouTube: Mike Emilio & Modo - Kanjiklub 2017
Here is the bassboosted song on YouTube: Mike Emilio & Modo - Kanjiklub 2017 [Bass Boosted]

References Meme Reference: Tell that to Kanjiklub ᴴᴰ Full Scene: Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Solo Kanjiklub Clip Background on Kanjiklub http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kanjiklub "I never made a deal with Kanjiklub!" "Tell that to Kanjiklub." - Han Solo and Bala Tik right before the arrival of Kanjiklub. The song can be assumed to be sung from the perspective of Tasu Leech, the leader of Kanjiklub, a criminal organization active approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor.
Lyrics: Yo Modo... Mike Emilio... Yo! Knockin' at the door, ain't no choice but to let us in. Feel the adrenaline, my lieutenants are menacing, (e.g. Razoo Qin-Fee) We came to take control, we came to rule the planet. Messing up your plans, and I know that you can't stand it. We notorious, battlefield warriors, Do it B.I.G., always victorious! Up from the underground, we came to run it now. Forget London Bridge, everything is falling down! Resistance is intact, (reference to Star Wars) We gonna push 'em back. Criminal minded, you've been blinded. Don't fuck with them crooked cats. And they envy us [envious], we do not give a fuck. You've got a problem?! Tell that to Kanjiklub! We do not give a fuck! One, Two Three OK we comin' through, [Fade In] OK we comin' through, OK we comin' through, OK we comin' through! Yo! Ok we comin' through! All of ya'll get out the way, we the bad boys, always ready to come out and play! Are you riding Solo? (reference to Han Solo, haha) I bet you won't hang, hang, hang! Kanjiklub, we the most dangerous gang, gang, gang! This I promise you, we responsible, for all this Mayhem. we do what wanna do. Better check your tone, You don't want another Episode, (Star Wars references) cause when the Force awakens, all the fake gonna get exposed. I'm gonna keep it real with you, Huh? You made a deal with who? Fuck that! Matter of fact, I'm gonna let my my man[s] go and deal with you! And they envy us [envious], we do not give a fuck! Y'all know where we're from?! Straight out of Kanjiklub! We do not give a fuck!